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Steps for Submission of BUD at IPB

The scholarship that is the best student registration path on campus and is known as a scholarship that is quite unique is the BUD scholarship. Selected candidates who are registered by government agencies, either central or local governments are one of the procedures for obtaining unique BUD scholarships.

What are the steps for submitting a BUD at IPB?

1. Looking for Prospective Funders

Prospective funders are those who are willing to provide fees, namely scholarships for college. Institutions of potential funders include agencies that will later play a role in recommending you. Namely as a candidate for a regional representative scholarship recipient who will later fulfill the provisions.

You can do a series of tests from the agency as much as possible so that you officially become a recipient of this scholarship. Meanwhile, to get potential funders, you can contact the local education office or local government, or private companies located in the area.

Of course, as an institution that is willing to bear the BUD scholarship funds, it is not immediately accepted. Because it also has to pass various types of terms and conditions. Putting funders’ recommendations on campus is not something that can be done right now.

Agencies that are willing must receive an official letter of application for cooperation as a potential partner. If the agency is willing to become a funder and agrees to all kinds of terms and conditions. Then the agency can make an official letter of application for cooperation as a potential partner.

The series of agreement processes will be passed and must be approved by the IPB campus. That way the account of the prospective partner will be filled by filling in the data and the scholarship commitment form. Later the form is printed and stamped and then sent through the registered campus.

2. Carry out the Selection of BUD Scholarship Partners

BUD scholarship recipients will later carry out a selection that has been directly agreed upon by their partners. This is done if IPB’s partners are willing to fund BUD scholarship candidates. In general, screening and selection will be carried out if there are many candidates nominated.

Certain terms and conditions are owned by the cooperation partners, namely BUD funders. It is possible that you will take a series of written tests, interviews, and other tests to get a BUD scholarship. More simply, you will only be asked to report 5 semesters in high school.

The selection of scholarship recipients varies, of course, depending on the decision of each agency. It could be that your grades, attendance, and everything about your history during high school are requested by this funder. Make sure your grades and your history are good whiles in high school.

3. Data Verification and File Selection

If you have been accepted by one of the partner agencies of IPB as a candidate for a BUD scholarship, the next thing you will do is verify the data. This can be done in the bud fund application guide, where you can carry out this activity assisted by the officers or by the funder. Make sure the data is entered correctly.

The next step when accepted as a BUD scholarship recipient is to do a file selection. This process takes place from a predetermined date and time. The best candidate will be selected and can be accepted as a prospective student on the regional delegate scholarship pathway. However, if you want to get more complete information, you should take advantage of the bud fund application guide.

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