How to make a logo in an hour

Create a logo online in 10 minutes in a Turbologo generator. A logo is a graphic image symbolizing an organization, a company name, a trademark, an abbreviation. It is used by the organization for its letterheads, advertising materials and signs as an emblem by which the organization can be easily recognized. Its purpose is to identify the company in a way that is memorable and familiar. For example, Apple uses a bitten apple as a logo and therefore it is distinctive and recognizable.

Reasons why a logo is needed

  • This is the beginning of a new project. Creating a logo is one of the first steps you will take in your new business adventure. It motivates you to continue. This is the first implementation.
  • It’s a reflection of your business. When you design a logo, it often means that you will be making serious decisions about what your business does. In a sense, the logo defines your business strategies.
  • This is visual communication. Your logo helps to create an iconic brand that people recognize. People remember images much better than words. That’s why your logo is your most important visual asset. A great logo will allow your customers to instantly recognize and remember you.
  • This makes it different from the competition. A good logo distinguishes a company from competitors, indicates the main advantages of the goods or services that the company provides.

5 ways to create a company logo

You can create a logo in various ways and each of them has advantages.

  1. Draw it yourself. Having learned the classification of logos by styles, shapes, and having examined the logos of famous brands, you can now easily understand how you see your company’s logo. Therefore, draw what you think will be most suitable for your logo, use the appropriate font, color, image, shape, appearance.
  2. Order from a freelancer. If there are no ideas at all, then order a logo design order on the freelance exchange. To do this, you should place a logo development task on the freelance exchange, write all your wishes, tell about the company, about its type of activity.
  3. Order from the design studio. This is an expensive and long way, which can take several months. The principle of working with a design studio is the same as with a freelancer, only the manager of the company will manage the project, as well as monitor the work of the performer.
  4. Use online generators. Today there are special programs in which a huge number of logos have been created in shape, style, color, by industry and field of activity. You only need to select the necessary elements and compose them, and the program itself will do all the work for you. One of such well-known generators is Turbologo. The platform will allow you to create a unique logo without special skills. It is only required to conduct a key query of the company’s activities.
  5. Use graphic programs: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. If you are a confident user of graphic programs and do not like to draw manually, then of course, use the programs to immediately create the necessary development.

Useful tips for logo development

Finally, let’s think about how to create logos in such a way as to avoid gross mistakes.

  • Can’t come up with the idea of a logo? Try searching for keywords in Google and see the output of images on search queries for inspiration.
  • Make sketches on paper, so you will come to the result much faster. Let the drawings look crooked, the main thing is the correct understanding of the idea and presentation.
  • Choose a simple and easy-to-read font, independent of fashion trends and corresponding to the brand.
  • Cut off all unnecessary and meaningless details, they distract and don’t talk about anything. If in doubt, feel free to delete it.


Knowing how to make a logo for your company, you will be able to develop your own label according to all marketing rules and canons. The main thing is that your potential and real customers like it. Set goals and move towards achieving them on all sails!

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